Chris’ Birthday Cake(s)

This past weekend was Chris’ birthday.  Happy Birthday Chris!  The very first cake I ever made for Chris was a Maraschino Cherry Chocolate cake, that he loved, it’s not the same as this one because the cherries are baked inside of that one but it is still delicious and I will have to make it again one day to post!

As usual, for his birthday I made him his favourite cake! It is a faux Black Forest Cake.  I also made another version of it to take to his family birthday get together. I called this one a White Forest Cake because I made it with a white cake instead of the chocolate.  It too received good reviews!  When I finished icing and decorating the cake for Chris, I texted him a picture because he was in the garage.  I got back “Holy #*(^%(&, that is freaking awesome” lol!  Yes, it is his favourite!!!



This was a real cheater cake so I  used prepared icing and pie filling.  The only thing I forgot to include in the picture was the chocolate bar piece I used to make the chocolate shavings on top!


I had 2 x 9 inch round cakes prebaked and frozen in preparation of making this cake.

I began by cutting some of the top of the bottom layer of the cake so it would sit level.


Once it was somewhat level, I iced around the outside edge of the cake to make sure the filling didn’t spill out when I was icing it later.


I cut some off of the top layer of the cake, again so it sits somewhat level and then placed it on top of the first/bottom layer.


And then iced the whole thing with chocolate icing.


I gave the bottom edge a decorative icing border.


And then iced some “swirls” around the top of the cake again to hold the filling where it’s supposed to be and added the rest of the cherry pie filling on top.


And finished it by adding some chocolate curls/pieces to the top for decoration!  And that is Chris’ favourite Birthday/anytime cake!!!


And this is the “White Forest Cake” that I made for our family get together!


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