Tacky “Mom-To-Be” Badge

While I have been planning Kim’s Baby Shower, memories of all the showers I have attended have been popping up in my mind. I always remember the tacky hats and other items of “clothing” that people made from the bows on gifts. While they are fun to create and make the honoree wear I thought I would make something equally as tacky but on a smaller scale for Kim lol!



This was very easy to make with items I was ale to pick up from the dollar stores in town. This is what I used to make the badge, along with a little bit of paint.

I couldn’t find a regular pin back badge so I bought a “Birthday Girl” one and just altered it to suit what I was doing.


I cut a piece of card stock to go behind the actual button part of the badge so I didn’t get paint on the ribbon behind it while I painted over the wording with white paint. Low tech but it worked!


Next I painted my own words on the button…. Mom-To-Be…


When it dried, I added a coat of sparkle glue to seal and sparkle the button, and then started to embellish it with more ribbon to “tacky” it up for her lol!

This is the finished Tacky “Mom-To-Be” Badge for Kim to wear at her Baby Shower this weekend!


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