Kim’s Baby Shower!

We had a great day on Saturday at Kim’s Baby Shower.  Everyone enjoyed a wonderful day with good friends and family, good food and just plain fun with games and catching up with everyone!

Kim received some beautiful gifts for the soon-to-be new arrival.  I would like to thank everyone who was at the baby shower for making my “Baby’s” Baby Shower such a success!

I would especially like to thank my Mother-in-law for not only offering to have the shower at her house, but for all the help she gave me preparing for it and all the help she provided getting set up for the shower!  She was also there to remind me to take pictures of things that my brain/scatterbrain caused me to overlook!  I could not have done it without her !  Love you!

All in all a great day!



Here are some pictures of the shower.  I had fun trying to come up with theme based food and such for the shower.  The theme was Baby Woodland and it was an old fashioned baby shower with silly games and prizes!

This is the prize box the winners were able to choose from.  I made mugs with treats inside, homemade baby feet soap with scrubbies, cookies in a jar, oven mitts with a cookie mix and spatula, just some fun things for our game winners.

We played “Don’t Say Baby” with clothespins, The Price is Right, “My Water Broke” with little plastic babies in ice cubes, I had midnight diapers for everyone to leave a cute message (that I forgot all about during the shower), among other things!

The Prize Box!


Late Night Diapers


Here is the combination Game Table and Gift Table, all decked out for the shower.


We even did a “Onesie Guest Book” instead of a regular book one. I thought it would make an awesome keepsake for baby and parents!


We had a surprise “Prize” show up to claim the empty Prizes box at the end lol!


I made chocolate favours for everyone using the baby foot mold for Kim to hand out when everyone was leaving!



Here is a picture of all of the hors d’oeuvres I had been working on the past few weeks.  I found aluminum foil platters at the dollar store to make them a bit more appealing than just foil lined pans!


Here are some pictures of all the food set up on the table, ready for everyone to dig in! We had to put the hors d’oeuvres on a separate table because we ran out of room lol!



You can see at the bottom left of the above picture that I made some “Doo Doo Cookies” because I thought they were just too cute!


We had a “Hedgehog” cheese ball and an “Owl” veggies and dip platter. How cute are they both?  I will post both at a later time!



This is the cake I made for Mommy and Baby.  Again going with the Baby Woodland theme!


Here is everyone enjoying the day together.



And last but not least…. here is Mom-to-Be cutting her cake, very tired but happy after a great shower, but long day for her… wearing her Tacky Mom-to-Be Badge and a silly Mom-to-Be Tiara!


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