Owl Veggies and Dip Platter

I really hemmed and hawed about posting this because it is so simple to prepare but decided it is just so damn cute that it deserves it’s own post lol!

This was perfect for the baby shower but would also be great to take to or serve for any type of gathering!



Here are the veggies I used to make the owl. I just used prepared Ranch salad dressing for the dip to make traveling with it easier.


All that really requires doing is to core and slice the pepper and slice the cucumber before assembling. I used 2 small ceramic bowls to put the dip/dressing in and pushed 2 of the grape tomatoes into the dip to form the eyes.

I arranged the veggies on the platter around the “eyes” to form the rest of the owl. That really is all it takes to make it! Like I said, not really much to post but it is so cute and I got nothing but rave reviews about the Owl at Kim’s Baby Shower!!!


3 thoughts on “Owl Veggies and Dip Platter

  1. We often think something is so simple that we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Yeah, it’s simple, now that I see you did it! I would have never come up with it on my own! I love simple ideas that look amazing. NIce job!


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