Nursery Décor – Woodland Babies Painted Wall Canvases

I saw a whole bunch of cute painted woodland babies that I thought would make a nice addition to the nursery décor and a “surprise” for Kim when I went down last Saturday to help finish the nursery.  Well, a weekend long ice storm event ruined that plan so I am hopefully going to give them to her this weekend when we go down to finish…. barring any more unplanned “winter” weather in spring, or baby decides to make an early appearance!



I started off with 3 dollar store canvases and my paint and brushes.


I base painted all the canvases, in colours to match the nursery décor and then traced the pattern I wanted on them.  I went with large woodland babies with birch trees in the background.


I painted in the trees next.  I kept them completely white except for the base paint colour adding the markings on the trees, trying to keep as much of the white paint within the lines lol.

And then I base painted the critters.


Once that was dry, I added a bit of shading in various places on the critters and put a coat of sealer on them so they would be able to at least be dusted!

And here are my Woodland Babies Wall Canvases, done and ready for the nursery!




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