Mason Jar Craft – Nursery Décor

Here are some cute little mason jar storage jars for the nursery… again going with the Woodland babies theme. I saw a picture similar on Pinterest a while back and knew it was something I wanted to try to make to store little things in the nursery!

I was able to get a set of 3 little mason type jars from the dollar store, making this a craft that cost under $2.00 but would make a great gift for anyone that loves the Woodland babies theme!



This is the set of mason type jars I bought from the dollar store, and the paints I wanted to use.


I started by painting the INSIDE of the jars first.  That is where the background colour goes.  I poured a bit of paint into each jar and swirled it around, using a paint brush where needed, to cover the whole inside…. and let them dry fully.

I let them dry upside down to get rid of any excess paint… but I won’t lie… it took a couple of days for it to actually finish drying.  A good excuse to procrastinate lol!


Once the inside was dry, I did the same swirling thing with the sealer and let it dry as well!

Then it was on to the faces I wanted to paint on the front of the jars.  I decided to go with an owl, a fox and a bear.  With the background colour already in place, in essence my base painting, all I had to do was freehand the  faces.


I gave the outsides of the jars a couple coats of sealer and placed the rings back on the jars to finish off the tops!

And I had some cute little mason jar storage jars to gift to Kim for the nursery!


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