Cuckoo Clock Birdhouse

I have been sitting on this idea since Chris got an authentic Cuckoo clock for his birthday. This week I decided I knew exactly who would appreciate this sort of thing so I made it as a gift for this person. I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it and figuring out how to make it actually look like a Cuckoo clock lol!

This was a fun craft to try and I am glad it turned out as well as it did!

Oh, and Happy “May the 4th” Be With You to all of you fellow space geeks lol!!


I started out with a cute birdhouse from the dollar store.


I base painted everything on the birdhouse brown except for the window trim and the little fence. Those I just painted white.


I added a bit of foliage and flowers along the “fence,” and a bit of decoration along the roof line.


I gave it a couple of good coats of sealer and then used a strong glue to place my Cuckoo (aka a red chicken kids toy lol).


I disassembled an old necklace to repurpose the chain and pendant. The chain I will use to hang the pinecone “weights,” and I glued the round pendant to a painted popsicle stick to use as my pendulum.

Chris drilled tiny holes in the tops of my pinecones so I could cut some circle hooks in for hanging.


I glued the pendulum to the bottom of the back of the birdhouse and then attached the pinecones to the chains before using a staple gun to attach the chain to the bottom of the birdhouse.

And here is my finished birdhouse, ready to gift to the lucky recipient! I might have to make another one for us lol!

Stay tuned next week for my attempt at another birdhouse to gift!

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