Mother’s Day Flower Pens

“I hope everyone had a great Mother’s day yesterday!  I wanted to share something  I made for my mother-in-law!  She loves funky pens and I remembered seeing pens made out of the heads of artificial flowers and thought what a great gift for her!  So…. I made a little “bouquet” of them for her for Mother’s Day!

This is  quick and easy project and sure to brighten up anyone’s day!



This is what I used to make them.  I got everything from the Dollar Store!


I began by cutting the heads of the flowers from their stems, high up on the flower head.

I did have to glue the flower petals back together on the daisies and the base of the flower on the carnations, just to make sure they didn’t detach once I glued them to the top of the pens.


Using my glue gun, I glued the flower heads to the tops of the pens.  With the carnations I was able to glue the pen tops right inside the base of the flowers.


Then I started wrapping the floral wire around the pens/stems, starting from the tip of the pen, working to where it meets the flower head.  I used a dab of glue from the glue gun to hold the start of the tape tight to the pen.


I glued the end of the floral tape to the bottom of the base of the flowers and then I decided I would also put a coat of sealer over the floral tape to help secure it in one piece to the flower heads.


I put some rocks in a little mason jar and tied a nice ribbon to it….


Wrapped the tip of the pens with a little bit of plastic wrap so they didn’t dry out from being immersed in the rocks…


And then decided to glue a little rhinestone into the centre of each flower to give it a little bit of “bling.


And here is my Mother’s Day Flower Pen Bouquet!


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