Mother’s Day “Handbag” Cake

I saw a cake like this in a grocery store flyer.  I was going to buy it but figured I could make it myself instead.  While it was simple enough to make, I did have a few issues but mainly from my not thinking it through fully before I started lol!

While things didn’t go exactly as planned, it still didn’t turn out too bad!



Here is what I started with.  I had already baked the cake so it was mostly assembly.  You can use your own favourite cake recipe or a boxed cake mix to make it.


I started by making a template out of paper for the shape I wanted for my handbag.  This is where I made my first error.  In my mind I kept picturing having as much of the outside edges for the cake to make icing easier… I cut the cake the wrong way, having the whole top of the handbag being exposed cake 😦



I coloured my icing.  I decided on a nice bright, sunny yellow colour.

I spread icing on what would be the inside of the cake and put the two sides together.  I also placed a “blob” of icing on the serving plate to hold the cake in place on it.


I iced the whole outside of the cake, trying to smooth it… without getting too much of the crumb in the icing and not having the icing fall off in sheets because the weight of the icing was pulling the top “crust” of the cake down… I did say I hadn’t thought it through enough!


And then I decorated it with licorice for the handle and smarties candy flowers and edging. Thankfully the candy decorations hid most of the crumbs lol!

I put some fake “gems” around the base of the cake and that was it… my Mother’s Day Handbag Cake!!!


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