Cat Face Birdhouse

This was another gift I made for Mother’s Day… and another thing I didn’t think through fully before starting!  The intent was for the mouth of the cat to be centered on the hole of the birdhouse but the birdhouse I bought didn’t work out that way.  My only excuse?? Shopping really frazzles me right now.  Too many people, too many things to remember, just too much but I really wanted to paint this birdhouse and worked around my mistake as best I could!



Here is the birdhouse I picked up from the dollar store.  I liked the fact it had a metal roof on it and maybe that is where I lost my train of thought lol!


I painted all of the wood of the birdhouse black because I had decided I wanted to make a black and white cat.


Once that dried, I traced on some eyes and started painting the cat face onto the birdhouse.

With trying to deal with the hole being in the wrong place, my first version of the cat face came out looking more like a tree witch or something so I had to repaint and try to fix this.

I thought that maybe “ghosting” in some ears might help and removing some of the white on the cat’s forehead would help… and it seemed to do the trick! (You can see how the shape of the mouth would have been almost perfect for the hole in the birdhouse!)


I painted on the occasion and date on the bottom of the birdhouse.


And gave it  few coats of sealer so it was safe to put outside. And after painting AND repainting, the birdhouse was done and ready for gifting on Mother’s Day!


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