Gardening 2018

I’m going to try again lol! And I got a little more ambitious this year!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with our posts from last year, my super power is a black thumb when it comes to gardening. Many a flower/plant has suffered (and withered away) during my many attempts at gardening over the years…. until last year!

Maybe it was the fact I was posting updates that made me a more responsible plant caregiver or maybe my luck changed… who knows… but I was able to grow cucumbers and tomatoes last summer and even kept flowers alive!!! 😮

This summer I went a little overboard considering past experiences. I bought some fabric raised gardens and a couple of potato bags I found on Amazon.

I got most of it planted today. I planted tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts, beets, red onions, watermelon, potatoes and lettuce!

Here are the raised garden beds and my not so helpful assistant lol!

And these are all the veggies I planted!

I haven’t started on the front gardens yet, other than to plant some dahlias I was given and a miniature rose I received for Mothers day, but I will update those gardens once they are done!

For now, wish me (And especially my victims/plants) good luck with this year’s gardening season!


6 thoughts on “Gardening 2018

  1. From one black thumb to another, I wish your little victims the best. Although it looks like they’re doing just fine. Most of the succulents I planted are doing fine so far. That is, the ones my daughters dog hasn’t torn, dug up. or tramped on. But the true test will be if they survived the summer. I have vowed to water them at least once a week!

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    • Lol, and thank you! As awful as it sounds, I’m glad I’m not the only one who is gardening impaired! I had no success until last year so I’m hoping that was a turning point and I’m not setting these little plants up for disaster 😳

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