Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Well, Maple Bourbon enhanced BBQ sauce lol.  I took some plain BBQ sauce and turned it into a bit fancier version.  It is great on steaks…. which we used it on the first night, pork chops… second night lol and it will be great on chicken, turkey, sausages… you name it!  A great way to up the BBQ sauce game!

Did I mention how easy this is as well?  Throw all the ingredients in a large mason jar, shake and it’s done!



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Gardening 2018

I’m going to try again lol! And I got a little more ambitious this year!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with our posts from last year, my super power is a black thumb when it comes to gardening. Many a flower/plant has suffered (and withered away) during my many attempts at gardening over the years…. until last year!

Maybe it was the fact I was posting updates that made me a more responsible plant caregiver or maybe my luck changed… who knows… but I was able to grow cucumbers and tomatoes last summer and even kept flowers alive!!! 😮

This summer I went a little overboard considering past experiences. I bought some fabric raised gardens and a couple of potato bags I found on Amazon.

I got most of it planted today. I planted tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts, beets, red onions, watermelon, potatoes and lettuce!

Here are the raised garden beds and my not so helpful assistant lol!

And these are all the veggies I planted!

I haven’t started on the front gardens yet, other than to plant some dahlias I was given and a miniature rose I received for Mothers day, but I will update those gardens once they are done!

For now, wish me (And especially my victims/plants) good luck with this year’s gardening season!


Bacon Cheeseburger Pierogi Casserole

I found this recipe… where else… on Pinterest.  It looked interesting and combined two favourites in this house… pierogi and cheeseburgers.  It was easy to prepare, the only thing I changed was to cook most of it in the microwave before storing it in the fridge and reheating it in the oven, but stuck to recipe for the rest.

I found the recipe on  I will document my steps while making it and will provide the link to the original recipe at the end!

I will admit that Chris was not a big fan of this dish but Dillon cleaned… and almost licked…. his plate!



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Cajun Chicken Meatballs in Cream Sauce

The other night I tried something new in the meatball department for dinner.  I have slowly been introducing ground chicken and turkey into the menu just because I know it’s better for “the boys” than always giving them ground beef if I am making something that calls for ground meat.  They sure didn’t mind the change in this recipe! Both of them cleaned their plates!

The sauce has some chopped green onions, chopped peppers and mushrooms in it, not only making it colourful but also adding additional veggies into the mix!



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“Spiralizer” Crispy Curly Fries (Baked)

As I mentioned in my Cucumber & Radish salad post the other day, I was gifted a new Spiralizer for Mother’s Day so I have been trying to come up with different things to try. After the salad I wanted to try something other than salad and the curly fries are what I ended up with.

The spirals/curly fries are quick to make and bake up quick and crisp in the oven!



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Cat Face Birdhouse

This was another gift I made for Mother’s Day… and another thing I didn’t think through fully before starting!  The intent was for the mouth of the cat to be centered on the hole of the birdhouse but the birdhouse I bought didn’t work out that way.  My only excuse?? Shopping really frazzles me right now.  Too many people, too many things to remember, just too much but I really wanted to paint this birdhouse and worked around my mistake as best I could!



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Mother’s Day “Handbag” Cake

I saw a cake like this in a grocery store flyer.  I was going to buy it but figured I could make it myself instead.  While it was simple enough to make, I did have a few issues but mainly from my not thinking it through fully before I started lol!

While things didn’t go exactly as planned, it still didn’t turn out too bad!



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