Freezer Meals – Prepping for Baby Time! – PT. 2


These little feet were eager to make their appearance in the world!

It’s been two months since I wrote my Freezer Meals – Prepping for Baby Time! post.

At that time, my due date was fast approaching (10 days to go) and I wanted to be in the kitchen less and less. My feet (among every other part of my body) were swollen and I was exhausted – heading into the kitchen to cook something (and especially something healthy) was not appealing. I wanted to have healthy freezer meals prepared to avoid the temptation of fast food – and I did! I had meals prepared for the remaining two weeks of my pregnancy and the first week back home…

Except that my beautiful baby girl made her appearance 9 days early. Yes, that’s right… the day after I posted about my freezer meals, I gave birth to a beautiful 7-pound baby girl. While I think the meals would have been helpful for adjusting to life as a new mom regardless, I was even more thankful to have everything prepared as I recovered from a caesarian delivery.

It often felt like a chore just to lift myself off the couch, so I was thankful that when I did, I could just pull out a freezer meal and throw it in the oven. This meant that we could eat well with minimal time in the kitchen and all my energy could be dedicated to our new bundle of joy. Recovery was difficult but having healthy meals prepared was an important part of my healing and it was such a relief to not have to spend all that time prepping, cooking, and cleaning.

The freezer meals lasted my first few weeks recovery and once we finished them, I felt that I could get back in the kitchen a little bit.

Now here we are, two months later and I’m loving every second of being a mom. It’s incredible how much one tiny being can change your entire life. Each week is such an adventure to see her develop and discover new things.

Our Mother-Daughter blog has taken on new meaning for me as I’ve become a mother too… and my mom, a VERY excited grandma. While there’s still time before my little one starts joining in on the crafting fun, I look forward to sharing my cooking and crafting journey as a new mom!


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