Gardening Update

I have PEAS and ZUCCHINI starting lol!!!  I was out watering the other day and had a good look at what was going on in the little veggie gardens I started and low and behold…. I had a few pea pods starting and 5 or 6 zucchini!  I was so impressed I had to take pictures to share with you lol!



Here are the Peas!


And the zucchini! You can actually see a couple of them starting in this picture.


My Potato plants are going crazy.  I was expecting a few leaves… nothing like this! I read the potatoes are ready to be harvested when the leaves start to die off.  Hopefully I got good information!


I planted a few watermelon plants, just to see if anything would happen and I actually found a flower on one of them already.  I hope that means the boys will be eating some homegrown watermelon this summer!


My carrots and green peppers are going great and all of my tomato plants have flowers on them.  I am hoping some of the big tomatoes grow, I am looking forward to some toasted tomato sandwiches.


The Boston lettuce is getting really big.  Does anyone know if I can actually pull a few leaves as I need them without killing the plant itself?


And the rose bush I was given on Mother’s Day actually has new growth and a few new buds on them!

I don’t know whose green thumb I have hijacked but I would like to thank them!



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