Growing Food from Scraps- Follow up

I wanted to share one of my successes from attempting to grow from scraps.

I first tried it with green onions and it didn’t work out for me. I don’t know if I missed the new roots/planting stage or what but they went all slimey and mushy on me. I’m going to try it again and will definitely try it again.

I have however had the beginning of success with romaine lettuce. I cut the end off flat when the lettuce was used. I put it in a bowl with water and put it outside to get sunlight and when I looked at it this morning there was the start of new leaves!!!

I will update again if it keeps going so well lol!

7 thoughts on “Growing Food from Scraps- Follow up

      • Change the water daily. Make sure that you groom the old plant as the new part of it starts. Like for instance my celery, the old part was turning brown as the new part continued to grow, so I would pull the oldest art off and disguard. After it looks healthy enough and has grown a lot, plant it in a container with soil. Make sure they get lots of sun. I also grow garlic from clove of garlic. Did not start the garlic in water though, I used it soil.

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      • You are welcome. I might write something on this type of growing things. Seems so good to be able to re-grow scraps it is like a renewable thing…I like that. Grocery produce prices are so high.
        I have a garden and I just don’t understand the cost of vegetables in stores.

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      • You should! And I agree. We are supposed to be eating healthy yet the grocery stores charge an arm and a leg for these items. Doesn’t make much sense to me. I have a bit of a vegetable garden too… and so far it’s all still alive lol!
        We’ve even already had some peas and a cucumber from it this season!

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