Pizza Recipe – Pizza Hut Copycat Crust

I saw a recipe a while back on Pinterest for a Pizza Hut copycat crust recipe. I tried it and it was one of the best ones I have tried to date. The first time I made them fully sized round pizzas and made a big mess of my oven because the round pizza pans I used weren’t deep enough for the oil in the bottom, and this is very necessary.

The other night I made them as “personal pan” deep dish pizzas and they were absolutely delicious! I will definitely make them again. I am even thinking of making a few batches of the dough to freeze so I have it handy whenever we feel like making pizza for dinner! Here is where I found the pizza dough recipe (and instructions for cooking the prepared pizzas):



Here are the ingredients for the dough. The pizza sauce, toppings and cheese are all personal preference so I didn’t include them, just the making of the crust and the preparation.


Making pizza dough is like making bread. I started by putting the water, milk, sugar and yeast in the bowl of my stand mixer and whisking it together.


I let it stand for about 5 minutes until it was bubbly.


I used 3 cups of the recommended amount of flour to start and ended up adding about another 1/2 cup to make the dough.


And let it knead for about 5 minutes to make a nice smooth dough before putting it in a greased bowl to rise for an hour.


At this point I put the dough in a large freezer bag until I was ready to get started on dinner.

When it was time to assemble the pizzas, I started out by spreading about 1/8 of a cup of oil in each of the three pans.


I separated the pizza dough into 3 portions and shaped them to fit the pans before letting them rise for about another 20 minutes.


While it was rising again, I grated the cheese and prepared my toppings.


Next I pressed indents into the prepared pizza crusts.


Then added the sauce and everyone’s favourite toppings, ending with the mozzarella cheese.

Them baked the pizzas at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes, until the crust was starting to brown and was cooked through.


Cut it into slices and everyone devoured their pizza!


Here is the where I found the recipe for the pizza crust. It also includes the cooking instructions for the assembled pizzas!

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