Crocheted Jellyfish Toy

I found the cutest crocheted jellyfish toy pattern on Pinterest that linked to With my granddaughter’s love of aquatic life I thought this would be a perfect project to make for her! I ended up making one for now and one to put away for Christmas!


The full pattern can be found at but I will copy and paste the pattern here as well. Thank you to yarnhild for such a cute pattern!

Here are my pieces of jellyfish after I finished crocheting them.

I sewed the tentacles on the inside of the back body piece and attached the safety eyes.

I finished mine a bit different than the pattern because my granddaughter is so young, I crocheted using single crochet around the outside of the round part of the body to attach the front to the back.

Then back stitched to close the bottom of the body, weaving in all the ends.

And here are my completed Crocheted Jellyfish toys!


Crochet ragdoll jellyfish

A free crochet pattern


Crochet pattern written by Ragnhild Hynne Uebler – Yarnhild ©
This pattern is intellectual property of Yarnhild. The pattern must not be altered, translated, copied or republished without approval. You are welcome to sell the items that you have made from my patterns, but please be sure to give me credit for the pattern of you sell online. Do not use the photos without my consent. For private use only, no commercial use. 2018 – Yarnhild ©

Abbreviations used

ch – chain

yo – yarn over

st – stitch

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

inc – single crochet increase, 2 single crochet in one stitch

picot stitch – 1 sc, ch 3, sl st in the first ch.

Materials used

Yarn Drops Paris: weight/yardage 1.8 oz. (50 g) = approx. 82 yds. (75 m)

Colors blue jellyfish: white (no 16) about 10 g/0.35 oz, light turquoise (no 02) 20 g/0.75 oz

Colors purple jellyfish: medium pink (no 33) about 10 g/0.35 oz, light purple (no 05) 20 g/0.75 oz

If you are having trouble finding Drops yarn where you live; this yarn is a good substitute: paintbox-yarns-cotton-aran

8 inches/20 cm in black for the mouth and eyebrows

Crochet hook 4,5mm (7 US) I use these hooks: Clover Amour Crochet Hooks

Safety Eyes Craft Eyes one pair pr. jellyfish

Filling material

Stitch marker

Yarn needle



Skill level: Beginner

The pattern is written in US terms. The jellyfish consists of two separate panels. The tentacles are made in rows. All the parts are being crocheted with a 4,5mm/7 crochet hook. Finished size: 23×11 cm/ 9x 4.3inches. If you use a size 3 mm and yarn to match, your jellyfish will be approx. 7.5×5 cm/2.9×1.9 inches. Remember to use smaller safety eyes if you are using different yarn. My tester made one with Catania, color 385. Hook 3.0 and safety-eyes of 4mm.


Make 2 panels

Color light turquoise or light purple

Row 1: Ch 9, turn, 1 sc in each ch. Ch 1, turn (8 sc)

Row 2: inc, 6 sc, inc, ch 1, turn. (10 sc)

Row 3: inc, 8 sc, inc, ch 1, turn. (12 sc)

Row 4: inc, 10 sc, inc, ch 1, turn. (14 sc)

Row 5: inc, 12 sc, inc, ch 1, turn. (16 sc)

Rows 6-14: 1 sc in each stitch for 9 rows, ch 1 turn. (16 sc)

Cut the yarn and fasten off.


Make 5 pieces. 3 in light turquoise and 2 in white, or 3 in light purple and 2 in medium pink.

Ch 28, turn, 2 hdc in the third chain from the hook, 3 hdc in each chain until end of chain. Fasten off, leave a long tail. You can also make some tentacles longer by adding more chains to the beginning chain.


Row 1: Ch 6, turn, 1 sc in each stitch, ch ,1 turn (5 sc)

Row 2-4: 1 sc in each stitch, ch 1, turn. Repeat for 3 rows. (5 sc)

Row 5: 1 sc in first sc, ch 3, sl st in the first ch (picot stitch), 1 sc in next sc, 1 sc, ch 3, sl st in the first ch, sc I next, repeat 1 more time, ending with a picot stitch. Sl st in the row below. Slip stitch your way around until you get to the top of the crown. Fasten off and leave a tail for fastening the crown to the head.


Fasten safety eyes between rows 8 and 9. Leave 5-6 sc space between the eyes.

Sew on the mouth just below the eyes and sew on eyebrows if wanted


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