Easy to Sew Teddy Bear Toy

When I made the Christmas stocking for my granddaughter the other day I had some leftover fabric.  Instead of adding it to my “stash,” I thought it would be cute to make her a little teddy bear to match.  This is a very simple, flat toy teddy bear that barely took any time to make.

I used safety eyes so I didn’t have to worry about them coming loose and I used some pink embroidery floss to stitch on a little nose.  With a rather large bow made from the same fabric as her stocking, I ended up with a cute little teddy bear that she can play with!



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Christmas Stocking

Since I have a new granddaughter I wanted to make her a stocking like the rest of us have.  It has a nice Christmas print for the outside and is lined with fleece.  This method of making stockings is actually quite simple and only took me about a half hour…. not including the time it took to hand stitch the space closed I left for turning.

Using this method you can make your own Christmas stocking in whatever size you want!



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Countdown to Baby’s First Christmas

The countdown is on until my baby girl’s first Christmas…. Literally!

Since she was about a month old, I’ve read to my little munchkin every day. Sometimes we read a story after morning bottle or between playtime and naptime or, most often, before bed. While she probably has no idea what I’m saying, I enjoy snuggling up together with a book. It’s our special time…

So when I started to think about a creative way to countdown to Christmas with her, there was no better option than with Christmas books!

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Garlic & Cheese Potato “Stacks”

For Sunday dinner I made a nice Herb & Garlic Pork Tenderloin and had to decide what I wanted to make to have with it alongside the requisite vegetable.  I knew I wanted to make some sort of potato side dish but I couldn’t decide on what.  I thought about scalloped potatoes, I thought about mashed potatoes but I wanted to do something different. I ended up making these potato “stacks,” loosely based on different versions I saw online.  Because the potatoes are sliced so thin they cook relatively fast and you end up with a garlicky, cheesy stack of delicious potatoes that look way fancier than how easy they are to make.


I hope you enjoy the recipe!


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Herb & Garlic Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Sunday Kim and my granddaughter came up for lunch and for a visit.  It was wonderful spending time with them and watching my granddaughter crawling all over and seeing toys strewn about the floor lol.  It’s been a long time since there have been toys all over…. well, except for dog toys!  I actually remembered to take something out to thaw to get ready for dinner and I ended up making this pork tenderloin and some potato stacks that I will post later!

Dillon and Chris love this type of pork tenderloin…. well, I should amend that to say they like pork tenderloin no matter how it’s prepared but this is a favourite! The fact that the prep time for this is almost nil, it’s a great quick fix but delicious dinner! (AND because I made 2 of them, I now have another quick freezer meal for when I need it!



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Blog Post Idea for the New Year/Diabetic Recipe Request

Kim and I were talking the other day, and sort of brainstorming for new blog post ideas for the coming year.  One of the ideas we had was a sort of ingredient based recipe call out.

We thought we could choose a theme each month and ask our followers to submit their favourite recipes based on each month’s theme/ingredient and we would share them, with a link to the blog of each person who submits their recipe!  I hope it is something everyone would like to join in on.


On that note, I already have a request for recipes!  I was recently diagnosed as being pre diabetic. The doctor wants to me to follow a diabetic meal plan/diet and I am in desperate need of some good diabetic recipes.

If any of our followers has a favourite diabetic recipe, I would appreciate any and all of them!



Cinnamon Sugar Knots

One day last week I wanted to make a treat for “the boys,” something I haven’t made in a while.  I was going to make some kind of baked donuts but the thought of the house smelling of cinnamon baking into something in the oven was too much temptation.  To me there is nothing like the smell of cinnamon!  I made these Cinnamon Sugar Knots for them and they loved them!  Chris even hid his at work because the guys he works with like to raid his lunch box to see what treats he has lol!



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