Burlap Christmas Tree Decoration

Last time we were at the Dollar Store I was walking around just looking through their craft section when I came across some nice burlap ribbon with a lace overlay. I thought it would make a cool Christmas tree decoration to put out this year.  Below are the steps I took to make the tree.



Here is a picture of the items I used to make the tree… a Styrofoam form, burlap ribbon, jingle bell ornaments, a star ornament, pearl bead strands, small clay pot, ribbon and my dreaded glue gun!


Before I even started making the actual tree I pulled all the little ornaments out of their packaging and cut the strings off as well as cutting the flowers from the strand and tying little bows for later.  It just makes the actual assembly go faster.


I cut out lengths of the burlap, almost 2 times the length of where I wanted to glue it to the form and ran a gathering stitch across the top,  and then I tied it off when it was gathered to the right length.

I hot glued each length to the Styrofoam form, overlapping by about 2 inches for each round.


Once that was done it was time to decorate…. I glued the pearl bead strands on the tree like garland and then positioned and glued the jingle bells, bows and flowers to the tree.

I finished it off by gluing the star to the top, adding pearl beads around the base of the star, tying a ribbon bow around the top to hide some of the raw edges, glued pearl beads around the base of the clay pot and attached it to the bottom of the tree to finish.

And I ended up with a cute, sort of shabby chic, burlap Christmas tree decoration!  I have to say it looks much better in person than in the pictures but I can’t do much about that…. and according to Chris… it is apparently crooked as well lol. I looks straight to me but I also have a messed up eye so I am keeping it as it is…. I will just tell everyone it adds character!!!


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