My 51st Birthday!

That sure is a big number lol.  Yesterday was my birthday and why I was not posting.  I didn’t cook or anything yesterday, just chilled out which was a nice change…. especially this time of year!  But I had to share something with everyone…..  I GOT A TRICYCLE FOR MY BIRTHDAY lol!  (On a side note, I thought it was really cool that my new tricycle is the same colour as the very first bike I ever got…. a red tricycle for my first birthday… 50 years ago!!!)


Since my car accident I have not be allowed to drive due to symptoms of a head injury and an eye injury, both suffered during the accident.  This means I can’t go anywhere without someone else driving me…. which for the last 2 + years has been driving me crazy.  I not only lost my ability to go/get to work, I lost any independence I may have had with the ability to drive.  With us living almost in the middle of nowhere and the closest convenience store being a 10 minute drive, I have been housebound for most of the 2+ years.


I have been looking at used adult tricycles for a while now and while I have found a few half decent ones, I always lost out to someone who could pick it up faster than I can or they just beat me to the punch.  Yesterday, for my birthday, Chris surprised me with a brand spanking new, cherry red tricycle…. and it is awesome as you can see from the pictures I am including.  It has pinstriping, a basket at the front, and a huge basket at the back, white walls on the tires and the most beautiful tricycle I have seen.  Because of he colour I have named my tricycle “Cherry” lol! I can’t wait for the snow to disappear so I can take it for it’s inaugural ride.  I have already told Chris if the snow goes away from the mini blizzard we had yesterday I want him to go get it out of the storage garage we have so I can at least ride it up and down our road lol!  Please go away snow!


I know this isn’t something we would normally post but I was so excited about my tricycle that I had to share!  Chris went way above and beyond this year and I can’t thank him enough…. not only for the beautiful tricycle but also for giving me a bit of my lost freedom back!

Dillon made me a leather bound book…. that he made himself!  I have asked him for the pictures he took so that I can share it with all of you.  He says he didn’t take many but he made it right from start to finish, the binding of the pages, the sewing of the pages, the leather work, rivets, everything and I would really like to share how talented my kids are lol!

On top of all the well wishes and wonderful gifts, Kim and Dillon are taking me to get my next tattoo!  I am getting a “Family” themed tattoo where I can have the names of my kids, Chris, my beautiful granddaughter and future grandchildren…. can’t wait to have it done!

I hope I didn’t bore you with the details of my birthday but I had such a good day and wanted to make it last by sharing!



18 thoughts on “My 51st Birthday!

  1. Let me start out by saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” It sounds as if you had a great day and received such special gifts……I am thrilled to read this. Your child who made you a book must be extra special and extraordinarily talented, so good job mom!
    I have said a prayer that you will receive healing so you will be able to drive again. I have times in my life when I couldn’t drive and it is a challenge. Sending blessings your way!

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    • Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and your prayer. I really appreciate your kindness! And I did have a wonderful day!
      Life can be a bit challenging right now but it is also very good in so many ways.
      I was very impressed and proud of the gifts Dillon made. I have always encouraged my kids to use their talents and to make gifts for everyone and I’m glad it is one of the life lessons they both follow. To me there is nothing nicer than a homemade gift… knowing that while it was being made, the one making it was thinking of you!

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