Countdown to Baby’s First Christmas

The countdown is on until my baby girl’s first Christmas…. Literally!

Since she was about a month old, I’ve read to my little munchkin every day. Sometimes we read a story after morning bottle or between playtime and naptime or, most often, before bed. While she probably has no idea what I’m saying, I enjoy snuggling up together with a book. It’s our special time…

So when I started to think about a creative way to countdown to Christmas with her, there was no better option than with Christmas books!

For the past few months I’ve been collecting Christmas books from our local Value Village stores. I was quite picky since I know munchkin can’t sit through stories with too many words or too little pictures and I tried to find books without personal messages in them, otherwise I could have finished picking books much quicker.

After a few shopping trips (and a few contributions from my mom), I had 25 books! It might sound expensive but the books work out to about a dollar each. You could opt for a 12 Days of Christmas stories if you wanted to cut it down also.

Once I had all the books, I thought it best to wrap and label them. Not only will we have fun reading our way through the month but little munchkin gets a month worth of practice unwrapping gifts! It’s also nice to have gifts under the tree all month.

Aside from “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, which I saved for the 24th, I randomly labelled every book after wrapping them so that they’re a surprise for each of us.

We’re just over a week into the month… it’s been fun watching the excitement in her face when she gets to rip the paper and then when we get to read the stories.

Chocolate advent calendars are a fun (and yummy) tradition but there are plenty of options to add an experiential aspect to your holiday countdown. We opted for books this year but you could also do Christmas movies, daily Christmas/winter activities, etc. I’m already starting to brainstorm (and search Pinterest) for ideas for future years!

Hope everyone’s December is off to a great start!


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