Christmas Stocking

Since I have a new granddaughter I wanted to make her a stocking like the rest of us have.  It has a nice Christmas print for the outside and is lined with fleece.  This method of making stockings is actually quite simple and only took me about a half hour…. not including the time it took to hand stitch the space closed I left for turning.

Using this method you can make your own Christmas stocking in whatever size you want!



I started off with about a half meter of each fabric – fleece and the patterned fabric for the outside and used one of the other stockings I made a few years ago as a pattern.


I cut 2 x the stocking shape from each fabric and a little strip of fabric to make a loop for hanging.


At the top/opening of the stocking I sewed one of each types of fabric together, making long double stocking shaped pieces.


I double folded the piece of fabric for the loop and then stitched it closed.  I didn’t worry about the ends because they will end up being in between the two layers of stocking.


I stitched the folded loop piece to the front of one of the patterned stocking pieces, where I wanted to loop to be before moving on to the next step.


Then pinned the stocking pieces, right side to right side, sewed around the outside edge (I used about a 5/8th seam) then clipped the edges of all the curves.


I turned the pieces right side out, hand stitched the space I left for turning by hand and then stuffed the lining/fleece inside the patterned piece to form my lined stocking.

I folded over the top 2 inches or so and now I have a really cute stocking for my granddaughter!


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