Easy to Sew Teddy Bear Toy

When I made the Christmas stocking for my granddaughter the other day I had some leftover fabric.  Instead of adding it to my “stash,” I thought it would be cute to make her a little teddy bear to match.  This is a very simple, flat toy teddy bear that barely took any time to make.

I used safety eyes so I didn’t have to worry about them coming loose and I used some pink embroidery floss to stitch on a little nose.  With a rather large bow made from the same fabric as her stocking, I ended up with a cute little teddy bear that she can play with!



I found a plain teddy bear pattern online very easily using a search engine for “flat teddy bear pattern.”


I cut the teddy bear body out of the white fleece I had leftover and made sure to make marks on it for where I wanted the eyes and nose to be.  For the eyes, I just folded the pattern in half, marked where I wanted the eyes to be on one side, held it up to the light and marked the other side.  I just marked the nose in the middle, just below the eyes.


I attached the safety eyes to what would become the front of the bear to the right side, following manufacturers instructions for the eyes.


I sewed the 2 pieces together, right sides together, leaving an opening for turning and clipped the edges.


I turned the bear right side out….


Sewed the contrast/patterned fabric into a long tube and stitched up the ends to make the “ribbon” for the bow.


And to finish, I stuffed the bear, hand stitched the opening closed and a little bit of stitching to define the ears a bit, stitched on the nose and then tied the big bow around it’s neck…. and I ended up with a cute little teddy bear to add to my granddaughter’s stocking!




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