Funky Rolling Pin

When I was Christmas shopping at, I found these really cool rolling pins for making cookies.  They have a pattern made into them that transfers the pattern onto your cookies when rolling.  I chose one that had deer and used my favourite Gingerbread Cookies recipe with it.



I made my gingerbread cookie dough and let it chill in the fridge overnight.


Here is the rolling pin!


I rolled the dough out using a regular rolling pin and then used the deer one for the final roll to give the surface of the dough the pattern from the rolling pin.

I used a scalloped edge cookie/biscuit cutter and then baked the cookies according to the recipe.

Here are what the cookies look like after baking with the deer pattern embedded in the cookies.

The pattern was as defined as I had hoped it was going to be but you can still see the pattern on the tops of the cookies!


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