Easy Fleece Baby Hat

I made my mother-in-law a nice fleece, collared jacket for Christmas.  I made her one years ago and she told me a little while back that she has worn it so much that it is starting to wear out.  That gave me the perfect opportunity to make her a new one for this Christmas!!!

I had some left over fleece from this project…. enough to make my granddaughter a little jacket, pants and a cute little hat!



To make the hat, I had Kim measure the circumference of my grandbaby’s head and added about an inch to the length.

I cut the fabric at about 18 inches by 9 inches, in each of two colours.

I sewed the lengths of fabric into tubes and then sewed them, right side to right side, to form a double fabric tube.


I turned to tube right side out, with the lining of the hat on the inside and top stitched about a quarter of an inch from the edges, just to finish off that edge.

I gathered up what was going to be the top of the hat and tied it with a little piece of fleece to hold the gathers together.


I cut the top of the hat, what would sort of be the pompom, and then cut those strips to round them…. giving he pompom a sort of flower look!

I cut out two flowers using a pattern I found on a Google search….


Cut the flowers out of both colours of the fleece and sewed them to the hat with a button to add a sort of flower decoration to the hat as well.

And here is the finished hat.  Made in about a half hour and it will match great with the little outfit I also made!


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