January Recipe Prompt

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Since Christmas and New Year’s I have been very lazy!  The rush to get everything done and almost perfect for Christmas wore me out.  I have been sleeping in very late because Chris is on holidays and I don’t have to be up at 5 am and taking full advantage of that fact lol.  Thankfully I had typed in enough posts in December while preparing everything that it carried me through until New Years lol.  It took some marathon typing spurts but I got them all in and a much deserved break!

Now for the start of our 2019 Blogging Year!!!

In a previous post, Blog Post Idea for the New Year, we talked about starting a sort of recipe sharing, monthly recipe prompt. We would love for everyone to comment with a link to one of their posts to share their favourite recipe from whatever “Prompt” we decide on each month.  It could be a simple as a one ingredient prompt, a seasonal prompt or as with this month, a post-holiday prompt.  We really hope all of you will join in on the prompts and share your favourite recipes with our followers!  It is a great way to have possible new followers directed to your blog and to enjoy reading everyone else’s favourite recipes!

This month our Recipe Prompt is: What is your favourite Christmas Leftover Recipe?

Again, we hope everyone will join in and share their favourite recipes! We will post the links to everyone’s recipes in the last week of January!

Sandie & Kim


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