Painted LED Light Fixture – Craft Room Project

As I mentioned in my last post, I have attacking the craft room project full throttle.  Yesterday I started on the sewing table redo and once that is done I think it will be time to wash and repaint the walls!  How exciting!

As for the LED light fixture.  We switched every light bulb and fixture in the house to LED for the power savings and in all honesty, it has made a big difference.  The only problem I had was that the light fixture in the craft room was rather boring.  Nice and bright… but boring. Chris said to me, why don’t you paint it?  What a good idea…. thank you Chris, lol.

I was going to use my acrylic paints to paint I don’t know what on them but when I went to the craft room to choose my colours I saw my stained glass paint and thought it would be really cool to do it with that paint….so that’s what I did!



Here is what I started with…. the light fixture, my stained glass paint and a few options for designs.


I was going to use my tracing paper to transfer the design to the light fixture but instead taped it to the inside of the light shade, held it up to the light at the back sliding door and used a dry erase marker to outline the design. (I used the dry erase because I knew it would wipe off in any places I missed with the liquid leading!)


I followed the design to outline it with my liquid leading and let it dry overnight.


The next day I was able to fill in all the colours and when that dried I gave it a quick coat of varethane to make sure the design stayed as nice as when it was created.


Once the varethane had dried I reattached the shade to the light fixture and I had myself a prettied up ceiling fixture for the craft room!


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