Fabric Sewing Machine Cover

Up until today I have been using the cardboard box the sewing machine came in as a cover to keep the cats out of the thread.  We had one of our cats ingest some thread he found a few years back and it was not a good situation so it has remained covered ever since.

A week or two ago I ordered a piece of fabric from Etsy to make the sewing machine cover and finally got to actually making it on Saturday.  I have been very busy in the craft room trying to get everything finally finished.  It is exciting but crazy busy.. meaning I may miss a few days here and there of posting.

It still needs to be ironed but it was finished enough to at least post lol!


I didn’t have an actual pattern so I made my own.  I had some blue kraft type paper that I measured and then cut to fit the machine.

Once it was the shape and size I wanted I cut the actual pattern out and marked it with the measurement I would need to place between the front and back pieces.

I cut the front and back out of the fabric I bought and then cut out the piece for the middle.

Next I pinned each of the front/back pieces to the middle piece, taking extra care around the curves.

I sewed the middle to the front and back, clipped the curves and turned it right side out.  I folded and pinned a double fold hem along the bottom edge of the cover to finish it off.

I could have been done at this point but I decided I wanted a more finished look to the shape of the cover which would also help it hold it’s shape when on the machine.  I pinned at the seam all around the outside where the front/back met the middle.

And then sewed it about 1/4 inch from the seam to form almost a piped edge.

And then put it over the sewing machine to make sure it fit properly.  It still needs ironing but for the sake of this post I still took a picture lol!

I got the new futon mattress last week too!  I spent a day painting the arm rests on the futon and by the time I put the quilt and all of the cushions on it you can barely see them lol… but at least I know it matches with the rest of the furniture whether anyone else sees it or not!

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