Unicorn Wooden Spoons Decoration – Dollar Store Craft

A week or two ago Kim asked me if I could paint some wooden spoons for her little cousin for part of her birthday gift.  She had an image in mind she had seen in a picture somewhere that she sent to me.  The original was on a mason jar but I figured how hard could it be to paint in on wooden spoons.  I of course said I would do it lol!



I started out with 2 wooden spoons, in different sizes and painted the spoon end and about 4 inches of the handle white.  I let that dry and then traced/drew on a pattern before painting it.

I painted the unicorn face in pink, blue and yellow and then outlined it with black to make it pop.


I then decided that since this was for a younger girl I would add some glitter!  I have 2 different kinds of glitter glue/paint that I purchased from the dollar store a while back and this seemed like the perfect way to give them a bit of glitter so I used it like paint, covering all of the white in the glitter.


When that dried I gave them a coat of varethane to keep the image and glitter on the spoons, added a pretty pink bow to each one and I had some really cute wooden spoons for Kim to add to the birthday gift!


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