Old Sewing Machine Table Makeover

This past week I have been working on redoing an old sewing machine table. I can’t use the machine that is actually in the table because of the unavailability of parts but I have rigged it to add a more modern machine on top. This sewing table belonged to Chris’ grandmother so it is something I really wanted to have in our craft room!


Here is a picture of the sewing table…. pre makeover. At this point all I had done was remove the drawer pulls because I knew I would be replacing them.


I gave it a good washing down and then started to paint. I am using the same chalk paint I used on the Redone Dresser and Change Table. I got the outside of the table done the first day….


And the outside… or top of the table… the next day.


And I had to put the new knobs on just because I wanted to see how it would look lol… I couldn’t wait!


I gave it a good coat of chalk paint wax and allowed that to fully dry.

Then it was time for the tulle. In my head I pictured a skirt going around each side of the drop downs on the sewing table with white tulle… sort of like on a dressing table. I tried to explain what I wanted to do to Kim but I told her she is just going to have to wait and see it because my description skills were severely lacking lol!

I cut the tulle to length and made sure I had about 2 times the width for gathering.

I used a staple gun to attach the tulle to the drop downs on the sewing table, folding as I went to create the gathers.

Once both sides were finished I used me glue gun to glue ribbon over the staple line to cover it.

And I had a beautiful new/made over sewing machine table for our craft room.

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