Unicorn Ball Ornament

In a previous post I painted a couple of Unicorn Wooden Spoons for Kim to add to a birthday gift for her cousin. When I was getting the things out that I needed to make them I also found some clear Christmas ornaments I bought for a different project.

I remembered seeing a unicorn decoration on Facebook a while ago and offered to make something similar for Kim to also add to the gift!

I was able to do the different steps and let it dry while I was working on the craft room!


I started out with a clear glass Christmas ornament and squirted some glitter glue on the inside. I put my thumb over the opening and shook the ball so the glitter glue was evenly distributed. I put it in an egg cup to dry so it didn’t roll around.

While it was drying I formed a “horn” out of polymer clay and baked it.

When the glitter was dry I painted some eyes on the ball, followed by a coat of the glitter glue and then a coat of sealer.

By the time the sealer was dry, the horn was ready to be attached. I used gorilla glue for this… placing it back in the egg cup to set.

Now it was time to add the flowers. I was originally going to use the orange flowers but then I came across some cute flowers with a little rhinestone in the centre and used them instead. I attached them to the unicorn around the horn.

All I needed now was a piece of ribbon to finish it off! And there you have it… a cute Unicorn Ball/Ornament!

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