Blinged Out Switchplate

I’m not even sure if this warrants posting but it’s a very easy craft to make to add a touch of colour and glitter to a room.

The one I made was for the craft room! And for the record…. the craft room is finally DONE!!!!  I can’t believe it is finally done and no longer just an image in our heads. I will post about the craft room, with picture, hopefully tomorrow!


I started out with a plain, cheap plastic switch plate. I painted it using the same chalk paint I used on the rest of the furniture in the craft room. Before the paint had a chance to dry, I sprinkled the switch plate with loose glitter and allowed it to fully dry. (It is sort of hard to see the glitter while the paint is still wet)

When it had fully dried, I added a few coats of sealer to hold the glitter on the  switch plate… we all know what loose glitter is like lol!

I let the glitter fully dry and then screwed the switch plate in place in the craft room because there is always room for more glitter…. especially in the place you will use your creativity the most!

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