Polymer Clay on Mugs #1- Minnie Mouse

Almost all of the birthdays in our family come in February and March, which means after a few weeks of recuperating from Christmas I need to get back in the game figuring out what I want to make everyone for their birthdays!

I saw a whole bunch of mugs embellished with polymer clay on Pinterest and first wondered if the polymer clay would stick once cooked onto the mug and two what I could add to the mugs for each person.

This is the first of the 3 or 4 mugs I am making for birthday gifts.  I got all my mugs at the dollar store and already have a stash of polymer clay, so this gifts requires nothing else from me other than creativity!

Note: I am still deciding if they need a coat of varethane to give them a bit of shine or not lol!


I started out with some dollar store mugs and my polymer clay.

To make the Minnie mouse shape, I rolled out 3 balls, one slightly larger than the other two.

I rolled these out flat, using a fondant roller I bought specifically for use with my polymer clay.  I also rolled out a ball of red clay to the same size as the bigger ball and cut it in half.

I attached first the black circles to the mug to form the head of Minnie mouse and then placed the half red circle over the large black circle.

I made a small white and red “log” to use as a divider between the black and red of the large ball and then added a little bowl out of clay to the mug.

I added some white polka dots to the red half circle….

And then finished the mug with some red polka dots and red/white marbled  hearts before baking it in a 250 degree oven for an hour, until hardened.  So far the clay seems to be sticking really well to the mugs…. thankfully!

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