Rolled Cheesy Pepper Stuffed Meatloaf

This meatloaf was an experiment.  I make bread using the same basic concept and thought I would transfer the idea to meatloaf.  While the outcome was delicious, next time I won’t make the meat part of the meatloaf so thin when flattening it out.  Because I made it too thin, the top of the meatloaf split while cooking but it certainly didn’t affect the taste any!


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Crock Pot Chicken Stew

Yesterday we had a nasty winter storm forecasted.  While we did get the storm it wasn’t as bad as they originally called for. Not to say we didn’t get a sh*tload of snow and very windy conditions, we didn’t get the almost foot of snow they said we would… thankfully.  It is still a mess outside but at least we missed most of it.

With a storm coming, it seemed the perfect day for a pot of stew and a loaf of freshly baked bread. I prepared everything first thing in the morning…. just in case we ended up losing power.  I figured it would be very easy to just switch the plug on the crock pot to the generator if needed and still be able to serve a nice hot, storm worthy dinner!

For a bit of a twist, I added a can of cheddar cheese soup to the stew to add a little bit of cheese flavour to the thick and hearty stew.


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Baby “Tag” Toy Purse – Sewing Project

I have bits and pieces of fabric (now) in bins in the craft room.  I spent most of Sunday in the craft room sewing. I have to say it was really nice not to have to lug the sewing machine to somewhere to set it up to use.  Now I only have to go downstairs to the craft room and everything is right there where I need it and it can stay there!

Back to the purse toy lol…. I thought I could use up some of my scraps making  some baby toys. This is the first of the toys I want to make.

 (I bought one of those leather look storage benches to double as a toy box in the living room for my granddaughter and as a place for the nosy cats to lay and look out the window.  When I put all the toy we already have for her in the new toy box, it was only half full!!! I texted Kim and told her that I was going to have to do some baby toy shopping so that the toy box wasn’t half full/empty.. depending on how you look at it.  I decided to start by sewing some new toys instead…. for now at least)

I started off with two different pieces of fabric and a pile of ribbon I had laying around… and of course a bit of batting and a matching button that didn’t get in the picture.

The first thing I did was cut out a Purse shape with both fabrics.

And a rectangle of fabric that I would sew into a  tube that would serve as the handle of the purse.

I lightly stuffed the tube/handle and folded in the edges, then put it aside until I needed it.

I pinned folded, 3 inch strips of ribbon around the base of the purse and ran a quick stitch around the base to hold the ribbon in place for when I attached the front to the back.

I laid the fabric pieces, right sides together, on a small piece of quilt batting and cut around the purse shape so it was the same size.

I sewed all the way around the outside, leaving a space for turning and then clipped the edges.

I turned it right side out and pressed it.

I stitched across the purse where the flap met the base of the purse and ran a stitch close to the edge all the way around making sure to close the opening I left for turning while I sewed.

I pinned and then sewed the handle to the purse, on the backside, just below where the flap meets the base of purse.

Then all I had to do was attach a pretty button to the flap and the little Tag Purse was done!  It’s already been added to the new toy box!!!

Baby “Geek” Onesie Dress

When Kim and Dillon were small I used to make almost all of their clothes myself. Surprisingly enough they loved what I made for them and wore it all the time.  I remember the time I bought some sparkle denim to make a pair of jeans for Kim…. she loved them!  I made everything from said jeans to jackets, Hawaiian type shirts for Dillon, PJ’s, you name it… I made it for them!  I am really looking forward to continuing that tradition with my grandchild/grandchildren!

I have been seeing dresses made from baby onesies all over the internet and it looked fairly easy.  I knew I still had some Marvel Comics fabric in my stash, and with my granddaughter’s parents both being “Geeks,” so I decided to try my hand at a onesie dress.

Making a onesie dress IS as easy as all the pictures show, easy enough I just winged it lol.  Instead of a gathered skirt, I decided to go with one a little more structured for lack of a better word and made little fake pleats aka folds for my dress…. and I am happy with how well it turned out!  I can’t wait to see my grandbaby wearing it!


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Instapot Chicken and Peppers

I love using my Instapot… especially those days where I forget to plan ahead what I am making for dinner.  That doesn’t really happen all that often but it’s nice to know I have options when it does!

This recipe started off just being Chicken and Peppers…. until I remembered I had a few celery stalks in the fridge that needed using up!

Chris loves the stir fry/veggies mixed with the meat of choice sort of meals, and to have them served on rice…. so that’s what I did but in the Instapot… and I served it over some brown rice! What it lacks being not very photogenic, it makes up for in taste lol!


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Spanish Bar Cake

I really wanted to make something different for dessert the other night.  I had seen various recipes for the bar cake online and in some of my old recipes and knew it was something I hadn’t made in ages…. and ages. 

I remember this cake being called “Spanish Bar Cake” at grocery stores around where I grew up. I have an uncle who used to be a baker at the A&P/Dominion grocery stores and this cake was always around because of it.  This is my version of the bar cake, modified to take advantage of the microwave… making it even easier to make.  I hope everyone enjoys it!

Let me say before I get too far… because this cake is baked as a 9 x 13 slab cake and then cut to form the bar shape of the final cake…. it makes a rather large cake… so be prepared to share or as I am going to do…. freeze half of it for a last minute dessert when needed!


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