Baby “Geek” Onesie Dress

When Kim and Dillon were small I used to make almost all of their clothes myself. Surprisingly enough they loved what I made for them and wore it all the time.  I remember the time I bought some sparkle denim to make a pair of jeans for Kim…. she loved them!  I made everything from said jeans to jackets, Hawaiian type shirts for Dillon, PJ’s, you name it… I made it for them!  I am really looking forward to continuing that tradition with my grandchild/grandchildren!

I have been seeing dresses made from baby onesies all over the internet and it looked fairly easy.  I knew I still had some Marvel Comics fabric in my stash, and with my granddaughter’s parents both being “Geeks,” so I decided to try my hand at a onesie dress.

Making a onesie dress IS as easy as all the pictures show, easy enough I just winged it lol.  Instead of a gathered skirt, I decided to go with one a little more structured for lack of a better word and made little fake pleats aka folds for my dress…. and I am happy with how well it turned out!  I can’t wait to see my grandbaby wearing it!


I started with a plain white onesie and about a half of a metre of the Marvel Fabric… and near the end some ribbon to match.

I measured the onesie where I wanted the skirt to start, multiplied it by 4 because I wanted it double the width, then cut the fabric to that width and the length I needed to cover the “bottom” portion of the onesie.

I sewed the width of the fabric into a tube and hemmed each edge.

I pinned the tucks/pleats all the way around the “tube.”

And then ran a topstitch all the way around to hold the tucks/pleats in place when it was time to attach it to the onesie and pressed it.

I pinned the skirt to the onesie, and then sewed it in place.

Next came the ribbon.  I pinned the ribbon where the skirt met the onesie to hide the edges.

And then sewed it to the onesie/skirt at the top and bottom edge of the ribbon.

And then finished it by adding a nice bow and cute button I found in my stash. And here is the finished Baby “Geek” Onesie Dress!

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