Polymer Clay Mug # 4 – Dragon Eye

Here is my final Polymer Clay mug, the fourth of the mini series of mugs I was making for birthday gifts for family.

I was originally going to put some sort of bicycle on this one or something to do with cycling but when I mentioned it to Chris he said, “Dillon isn’t going to want a mug with a bicycle on it,” lol.  I still can’t figure out why not but I went in a completely different direction.

I have seen so many really cool dragons and dragon eyes done in polymer clay and they didn’t seem all that difficult to do so I winged it and made a dragon eye with scales and horns and all that fun stuff on a mug for Dillon.

While I doubt he will actually use this as a mug… for fear of getting a horn up the nose if nothing else lol… it was still fun to make!


The first thing I did was to put a circle of polymer clay on the mug and attached the plastic eye I found in my stash, and some eye lids.  I just used one of my polymer clay knives to make slash marks in the eye lids to give them texture.

I broke off a handful of little pieces of different colours of green and black and squished it all together to form a marbled piece of clay to make my scales.

For the scales, I just kept pulling little pieces off of the marbled clay and pressing them onto the mug…. forming the scales all around the eye… and a few pointy pieces as horns.

I added another piece to the lids in a sort of shiny beige colour, again adding a sort of twisted, roll type texture with my different clay tools.

I added a “worm” of red clay between the first lid and the beige outer one I added for a little bit of “pop” to the eye.

To finish the mug, I broke off small pieces of black polymer clay and added more horns around the eye lids of the dragon eye.  Again I thought it added a bit of pop to the eye.

I baked it at 250 degrees for an hour… and I had the fourth and final mug done for the birthdays!!!!  Finally done!

As with the rest this will get a light coat of varethane to finish it off, but that only takes a minute to do!

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