Gluten Free Banana Bread

Has anyone else been having issues getting into Editor to write your posts?  Yesterday I couldn’t get into it at all… today I can only get in to write/edit posts through Chrome for some reason…. and I never use Chrome.

It meant I had to go “post-less” yesterday!!!

Below is what I was supposed to post yesterday!

Here is another gluten free recipe I tried. I have to say that this banana bread smells even better baking than my regular recipe does for some reason lol? This time I added raisins to the banana bread but you can skip that or add nuts or chocolate chips or whatever else you like in your banana bread.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by the recipient and something I will keep making but it might be a good idea to slice it and freeze it in individual slices. A whole loaf of banana bread would be difficult for one person to eat on their own!

Somehow I completely forgot to take pictures of the banana bread after it came out of the oven.. too many things on the go I think but it is delicious regardless of pictures.


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Mexican Lasagna Rolls

I didn’t know what to actually call these.  I started thinking about them after I made Lasagna Rolls and finally made them last week. Between using enchilada sauce, taco seasoning, salsa, refried beans etc., I couldn’t decide on which ingredient to base the name on so I settled on just calling them Mexican Lasagna Rolls lol!

This recipe makes quite a few of these, but they freeze and reheat great and were a big hit with “the boys,” even Chris who isn’t a big fan of refried beans!


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Day # 2 – Playing with my Sewing Machine

I swear I was going through withdrawal having to wait until Monday to get back to the sewing machine and play some more!

Luckily Saturday night I was well distracted playing/babysitting my beautiful little granddaughter lol!

I played around again with fonts and a different sort of project/fabric. I did a couple of little dollar store hand towels and just did another sort of monogram. I obviously still need some practice and experience to get the right tension, stabilizer and such but that will come with time. At least now I have a whole selection of colours after receiving the box of 40 colours of embroidery thread Friday. I ordered them from Amazon and they are number matched with the Brother chart which makes things much easier!

Here are the little hand towels I did. Nothing fancy but still cute and still a learning experience!

Next I decided it was time to try out one of the “built in” embroidery patterns from the sewing machine memory. Again I didn’t start slow or with a less intricate pattern lol. This is the pattern and colour chart I decided on.

While I didn’t choose an easier pattern, it honestly didn’t matter. That’s how easy it really is! Other than me not being able to see straight, making some of the things I’ve made off centre or full on crooked, all that was required from me other than changing the colour of thread was to push the start button!

I chose to try this pattern on the Sewing Machine Cover I made when completing the Craft Room!

This is the machine in action sewing the first colours…

And this is about mid way through.

This is what the pattern looks like when I removed the hoop from the machine.

I trimmed the threads and rehooped it… I figured if I was doing this much that I might as well add my name too lol!

This is how my sewing machine cover looked after adding the embroidery!!!

I am having so much fun lol! Kim asked me the other day if Chris was going to come home from work and find everything labeled lol!


Gluten Free Garlic Flat Bread/Breadsticks

A family member has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, something that seems to have gone mainstream since we first learned of the diagnosis.  While there is now a ton of gluten free food items on the market, I have been told they are for the most part inedible!

I thought I would take it upon myself to try my hand at some Gluten Free baking to hopefully make something not only edible, but enjoyable!

I will be posting recipes here and there that I have done, using gluten free ingredients and I would have to guess… learning a whole lot about what can and can’t be eaten!

I thought I would start with this recipe, not only because of the simplicity but also because…. how can you go wrong with anything garlic lol!  I decided after I had taken my ingredient’s picture that I wanted to add some grated parmesan cheese to the tops of the flat bread/breadsticks for just a little bit more flavour…. after typing it into a search engine to ensure it too was gluten free.

NOTE:  I think these would also be great with a little bit of tomato sauce and more mozzarella cheese to make a sort of pizza!


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Fence Board “Home” Signs

I spent last night having grandma time with my granddaughter and it was wonderful but boy did she wear me out lol. How did we ever keep up with our own kids way back when lol? I did get a post done beforehand but apparently forgot to change it from just being a draft lol…. here it is….

These were fun to make… and easy… just time consuming because well, the whole waiting for paint to dry thing lol.  I made one for the front porch and one for the Craft Room and I am happy with how they turned out!


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Molasses Spice Cookies

These are similar to gingerbread a bit… and the smell of them baking in the oven makes the whole house smell like a bakery. I swear I had Dillon drooling in front of the oven door, waiting for them to be done so he could snag a few lol!

They are perfectly spiced and rolled in sugar before baking.  When they first come out of the oven they are soft and chewy and oh so delicious and when cooled crisp up a bit… with the same great flavour!


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Day #1 – Playing with My New Sewing Machine

Thankfully the sewing machine works pretty much how I thought it would lol. I had big expectations for the first time using it… and I wasn’t let down. Anything that didn’t turn out was due to user error/inexperience. That and the fact the embroidery thread I ordered hasn’t arrived yet so I was just using plain old Gutermann thread.

The self threading needle was awesome. I was so impressed I took a short video to show the ease of use… and even let the sound record so you can see I didn’t cuss once lol! (Sorry it’s sideways for some reason 🤨)

Instead of starting with something easy, I jumped right into the embroidery functions. I made a little heart border with the letter “S” in it and not thinking…. a tone on tone heart. After doing it I realized I should have done it in a different order. I should have started with the border and then the letter and heart. Unless you specify different, the embroidery always starts from the centre. This is how the very first thing I did turned out.

I did that on a little onesie and didn’t give any thought to actually hooping it. I hooped the front and then just pulled the rest of it up and around the hoop.

Next I thought I would try some lettering. I started with an old baby washcloth that Kim left here. It stitched it fine… but this was another example of user error/experience. With that sort of fabric I should have used a bolder font. This is how that one turned out. Legible, but barely

Next I moved on to a regular washcloth and a bolder font. Much better!

I took a video of this one as it was sewn just to show how effortless it really is… and how quickly it did it.

The last thing I did for today was work on the drawing pencil roll Dillon asked me to make. I will do a separate post for it but I decided why not add his name to it before I started to assemble it. This one turned out really well too!

I can really see myself having a whole lot of fun with this… especially once I get the proper thread!