“The Cake” – Part #3 – Candy Flowers…. the Final Instalment

Here it is… the final post about “The Cake” I made for a family birthday celebration.  I will admit, everything seemed to take longer to get ready but I was somewhat happy with the results.  For a first attempt at doing a mirror glaze and making these hard candy flowers, it didn’t turn out that bad!

The candy flowers are very, very easy to do, they just take a bit of time to make but well worth the finish they add to a cake!

I used Jolly Rancher candies to make my flowers and leaves and cut a black licorice candy for the middle of the flowers.


As with the glaze post… here are the ingredients I used…. for this stage though, it was only the candies used.

I boiled the kettle and added some to a medium sized bowl then added the unwrapped candies, a few at a time.

I left them in the hot water until they were pliable.  This didn’t take more than a minute but I did have to add more boiling water for each flower because it cooled off too fast.

I started by shaping the candies into flower petals.  I had decided to make poppies because they matched the colours I had chosen to do the cake.

I repeated the process until I had enough petals to form a flour.

NOTE: If you find you need to adjust or re-bend some of the petals, just dip them back in the hot water to soften them again because they do set quickly once out of the hot water.

I used the same process for the leaves I decided to add.

I continued making flowers and leaves until I had enough to circle the top of the cake. I just pressed the flowers into place where I wanted them and added the slices of black licorice candies to the centre of each flower.

I made enough to circle the whole top of the cake and finished it off with a row of decorative piping at the bottom of the cake.

Here is my finished cake!

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