Metal Washer/Nail Polish Necklaces

I have seen similar to this all over Pinterest… Imagine that lol…. and I have been wanting to try them ever since! 

I was out in the shop last week and saw a box full of washers sitting on the truck Chris is working on.  I asked him if he had uses for all of them and thankfully he only needed a few for his project and gave me some to “play” with!  These necklaces are the outcome of my playing.

I already had a bunch of necklace cords in the Craft Room so Sunday afternoon I made these! The yellow one is my favourite.  I used a zigzag motion with the toothpick and it almost looks like flowers!


Here are the supplies I started with… except for the necklace cords because I didn’t get those until after the washers were dry.

To start I picked a main colour of nail polish and covered one of the washers with that colour.

I put drops of my contrasting colours randomly over the main colour…. while it’s still wet.

Used a toothpick to “swirl” the dots of colour to make a design with the nail polish dots.  This part is totally random and every one of them will be unique which is nice.

Here is the purple one after “swirling.” Pretty cool, aren’t they?

And here are the rest of them once I went through the process above.

I attached the cords and some gold beads as decoration, a quick coat of sealer… and they were done!

I still have to say the yellow one is my favourite.  I swirled that one in an almost zigzag pattern and it almost looks like flowers!

10 thoughts on “Metal Washer/Nail Polish Necklaces

  1. They are Beautiful and really
    Creative !
    However – are they safe to wear? I know we need to watch the metals we bring near our body and I know some are good (copper) and stones are every better for the healing and earth energy they bring to the body- so I am
    Just curious about this

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