New Sewing Machine!!!

I got a new sewing machine yesterday!!! A Brother HE300 Sewing & Embroidery Machine!!!! I am so excited I just had to share with everyone!!!

This is it… I unpacked it on the kitchen counter so that I could just look at it and make sure that Chris and Dillon oohed and aahed over it as much as I was lol!

It’s actually the first new sewing machine I’ve ever owned. Not that I’m complaining but all the other ones I’ve had have been hand-me-downs. They definitely served their purpose and got 2 kids clothed in homemade clothes from kindergarten through high school lol! I put a lot of miles of stitching on them… but it feels so awesome to have my first new one lol!

This time, while definitely not going top of the line, I chose a machine that was going to do everything I wanted and needed it to do. Need was self threading (do you know how hard a needle is to thread when you see double lol) and one step buttonholes (no more cussing when adding buttonholes to whatever I am sewing) … want was computerized, LED screen and light, embroidery, quilting, being able to connect to my laptop… you know, the fun stuff!

Having a granddaughter certainly helped me decide and I now have more images saved than I will probably ever use. It has kept me busy the last few days while waiting for the sewing machine to arrive!

Tonight (Wednesday) I will watch the instructional video….

Tomorrow will be the big day… it’s out of the box and in the craft room ready to go…. poor Chris and Dillon have both had to sit through my lengthy verbal vitriol while I extolled it’s virtues in great detail, I told them absolutely everything it can do… and I mean EVERYTHING! Tomorrow I’m jumping in with both feet/hands, acquainting myself with it and hopefully it won’t be long until I’m posting some of things I’ve embroidered!

Luckily for Chris and Dillon I have plenty of freezer meals made because it could be days before I surface again!

Wish me luck lol!


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