Day #1 – Playing with My New Sewing Machine

Thankfully the sewing machine works pretty much how I thought it would lol. I had big expectations for the first time using it… and I wasn’t let down. Anything that didn’t turn out was due to user error/inexperience. That and the fact the embroidery thread I ordered hasn’t arrived yet so I was just using plain old Gutermann thread.

The self threading needle was awesome. I was so impressed I took a short video to show the ease of use… and even let the sound record so you can see I didn’t cuss once lol! (Sorry it’s sideways for some reason 🤨)

Instead of starting with something easy, I jumped right into the embroidery functions. I made a little heart border with the letter “S” in it and not thinking…. a tone on tone heart. After doing it I realized I should have done it in a different order. I should have started with the border and then the letter and heart. Unless you specify different, the embroidery always starts from the centre. This is how the very first thing I did turned out.

I did that on a little onesie and didn’t give any thought to actually hooping it. I hooped the front and then just pulled the rest of it up and around the hoop.

Next I thought I would try some lettering. I started with an old baby washcloth that Kim left here. It stitched it fine… but this was another example of user error/experience. With that sort of fabric I should have used a bolder font. This is how that one turned out. Legible, but barely

Next I moved on to a regular washcloth and a bolder font. Much better!

I took a video of this one as it was sewn just to show how effortless it really is… and how quickly it did it.

The last thing I did for today was work on the drawing pencil roll Dillon asked me to make. I will do a separate post for it but I decided why not add his name to it before I started to assemble it. This one turned out really well too!

I can really see myself having a whole lot of fun with this… especially once I get the proper thread!


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