Day # 2 – Playing with my Sewing Machine

I swear I was going through withdrawal having to wait until Monday to get back to the sewing machine and play some more!

Luckily Saturday night I was well distracted playing/babysitting my beautiful little granddaughter lol!

I played around again with fonts and a different sort of project/fabric. I did a couple of little dollar store hand towels and just did another sort of monogram. I obviously still need some practice and experience to get the right tension, stabilizer and such but that will come with time. At least now I have a whole selection of colours after receiving the box of 40 colours of embroidery thread Friday. I ordered them from Amazon and they are number matched with the Brother chart which makes things much easier!

Here are the little hand towels I did. Nothing fancy but still cute and still a learning experience!

Next I decided it was time to try out one of the “built in” embroidery patterns from the sewing machine memory. Again I didn’t start slow or with a less intricate pattern lol. This is the pattern and colour chart I decided on.

While I didn’t choose an easier pattern, it honestly didn’t matter. That’s how easy it really is! Other than me not being able to see straight, making some of the things I’ve made off centre or full on crooked, all that was required from me other than changing the colour of thread was to push the start button!

I chose to try this pattern on the Sewing Machine Cover I made when completing the Craft Room!

This is the machine in action sewing the first colours…

And this is about mid way through.

This is what the pattern looks like when I removed the hoop from the machine.

I trimmed the threads and rehooped it… I figured if I was doing this much that I might as well add my name too lol!

This is how my sewing machine cover looked after adding the embroidery!!!

I am having so much fun lol! Kim asked me the other day if Chris was going to come home from work and find everything labeled lol!


8 thoughts on “Day # 2 – Playing with my Sewing Machine

    • Thank you ! I am having a ball and you are also correct in the assumption that I look all over the house to see what I can embroider on lol….the machines I have used in past have been more utility sewing machines…. none of this “fancy” stuff so it has been fun to sew outside my norm and to see how well it is turning out. I would so recommend this sewing machine to anyone who might be shopping for one!

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