Pencil Crayon Roll – Sewing Project

I am embarrassed to say that I somehow posted this half completed yesterday and that I have had this project cut out and in the “pile” of sewing projects for months!!!! Dillon asked me before Christmas if this was something I could make for him because the case he had his pencil crayons made it impossible to see all the colours at one.

I used to have a roll similar to this one for my paint brushes and he thought it would be the perfect way to store his pencil crayons.

The fabric is something I have had laying around for years. I can’t even remember what I bought it to make originally but it seem like a great choice for what I was making for Dillon! And since I have my new sewing machine, it seemed only right that I embroider his name on it lol!


I used the full width of the fabric to cut out the pieces. I cut two rectangles, big enough for 2 rows of pencil crayons, with space in the centre to accommodate longer pencil crayons or some of Dillon’s water colour brushes if he wanted. I also cut out 2 more rectangles, smaller than the original ones to make the pockets for the pencil crayons…. and two strips to make the tie straps.

Using some bright yellow embroidery thread, I put his name on one of the corners of the roll.

Next I folded and hemmed the pieces that would form the pockets of the roll.

I sewed the ties and then pinned them where I wanted them to be on the roll and then placed right sides together of the roll with the pieces that would form the pockets for the pencil crayons inside.

I sewed all the way around, leaving an opening to turn it right side out.

I turned it out to the right side and ran a quick stitch around the outside edge.

Then I started all the rows of stitching that would make the slots for the pencil crayons. It ended up fitting almost 80 pencil crayons so you do the math…. it was a lot of rows of stitching lol!

Once all the rows were sewn the pencil crayon roll was done and Dillon filled it with his drawing pencil crayons and now he is ready to draw… the ends of all the pencil crayons showing so he can easily see and choose which colours he wants!

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