Giraffe Stuffed Baby Toy

I found this pattern through an online search and thought it would be fun to make for my granddaughter. This is another one of the sewing projects that have been in my to do pile for way too long. It was nice to finally have them sewn and ready to gift to her! I find it hard to force myself to do “regular” sewing when I can play with the embroidery function lol.

Because my granddaughter puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, I forgo putting eyes on these toys… one less hazard when everything seems to either taste great to her or aids with teething!

I also learned last week that my sewing machine has mending stitches. I found this out when I had to fix a pair of Chris’ work pants!


The first thing I did was to pick out the fabrics I wanted to use, print the pattern I found online and then cut the giraffes out.

Next I cut out the “manes” and tails out of fleece and then pinned and sewed them to the right side of one of the body pattern pieces.

I pinned the main body parts together, right sides facing in, and then sewed to the dots I had marked on them from the pattern.

I sewed in the inside legs pattern pieces, leaving the middle section open to allow for stuffing, then clipped all the curves and corners.

I turned the giraffes right side out…..

Then stuffed them with batting.

I folded and pressed about a half inch seam on each of the ear pieces, pinned them right sides together and then sewed them.

I turned the ears right side out and sewed them to the giraffes before sewing closed the opening on the stomach/inside leg pieces.

I added a cute bow and the Giraffe Stuffed Baby toy was completed. One for home and one for at Grandma’s house!

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