Cat Themed Tea Towels

As you can imagine… I am having a whole lot of fun playing with my new sewing machine. It is so much fun to be able to do small embroidered designs on things as well as regular sewing. The biggest thing I was looking for when I first started looking for my new sewing machine was an automatic needle threader…. I ended up with that and more.

Yesterday I did these tea towels. I have been planning on getting them done for over a week now. When I bought my sewing machine, my mother-in-law liked the sounds of it so much that she too ordered one. She runs a cat hotel and as you can assume, has a lot of cat related items in her home. I thought these tea towels would be a great addition AND show her what our machines are capable of!

I have found some great sites for free (and pain) embroidery patterns to download. The patterns on these towels are ones I downloaded from one of these sites!

(*Next I want to try to embroider some dragonflies onto the ends of pillowcases I picked up from the dollar store!!!!)


I purchased a package of flour sack tea towels from Amazon. I think I paid around $20 for 12 fairly large towels.

I drew a pencil “X” on the tea towels where I wanted to centre the design and used the grid that came with the machine to line the “X” up in the hoop.

I chose the designs I wanted to use from my laptop and sent them to the sewing machine with the provided cord.

Here is the first design I used…..(before trimming the threads)

Here is the second one….

Then the last design I did was of a cool cat face! Here are all the tea towels together once they were completed.

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