Egg-cellent Chicks and Bunnies

The Easter crafting continues and today’s craft is eggs painted and decorated to look like chicks and bunnies. It’s a simple craft, great for children or adults, and something you can have fun customizing.

We love eggs in our house – breakfast, lunch, dinner, even just as a snack. With Easter (and eggs) on the brain, there was no question that I wanted to make an egg craft.

When I originally started looking for an egg craft I was considering painting real eggs but wanted something a little more permanent. Since we would quickly eat the eggs if they were real, I started to explore other options.

I read about how to blow out eggs but the process seemed more laborious than what I was seeking – perhaps something to try next year. Thankfully, my hubby found some fake eggs for me at the dollar store because he knew I was planning to do some Easter crafting (have I mentioned yet how much I love the dollar store – almost as much as I love eggs!). He also picked up some cute little bows, flowers, feathers, Easter form cutouts and a basket. Combined with some supplies I already had at home (paint, google eyess, markers, glue) I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

I won’t post a step-by-step how to since it’s quite straightforward – paint your eggs and then glue or draw on faces/accessories but I will post some pictures of my egg journey for inspiration.

Note: I started with water coloured paints but found it didn’t cover well. After 2-3 layers of the water-coloured paint, I decided to add a layer or acrylic paint. The acrylic paint looked much better.

Looking to take your crafting one step further? I tried to customize each of my bunnies and chicks with the positioning of their bows but there are plenty of other things you could try.

I added feet to my first chick but decided against it for all the others. It’s something I may go back and do but I was worried it might interfere with how they fit in their basket. Depending on what you’re using to hold your chicks and bunnies (keeping them in egg carton, leaving them loose on a shelf or tabletop, etc.), you may want to add feet. The one with feet (right in front) is actually my favourite one.

You could also use different coloured bows, feathers, eyes or add arms/wings. I thought it might be fun to give my bunnies arms and have them hold carrots. The options are truly endless. If you’re wanting to dress up this craft or another craft, I always recommend taking a walk through the crafting aisles (and the seasonal aisle) at the dollar store for some inspiration. This truly was a dollar store craft from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a simple Easter craft using fake eggs, these painted chicks and bunnies are a great addition to any Easter setup.


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