First Birthday – Dollar Store Centerpieces!

We had my granddaughter’s FIRST Birthday party on Saturday. It was a great day spent with family and friends with lots to eat and just enjoy each others company.

My granddaughter had a rough night Friday cutting teeth so she was very tired for her party and required a nap to recharge her little batteries part way through lol. I made her a cute little Smash Cake (post to follow this week) but it was just too much for her tired little mind to take and other than sticking her hands in it… and then wiping them all over Kim’s black shirt (I’m sure you can imagine the mess light pink Greek yogurt “icing” would make on it lol), she was not impressed with it. We got a few cute pictures of her with it to add to her photo memories so everything was fine.

These centerpieces were made with Styrofoam balls, ribbon and tissue paper from the dollar store. Other than waiting for paint to dry, they were pretty fast and easy to make!


I started by painting the Styrofoam balls and rings with black paint… and when the black paint dried, I painted them with a coat of glitter paint for a little sparkle.

While the paint was drying I started on the tissue paper flowers. It’s funny because when I was making them it made me think of sitting around a few days before my first wedding making Kleenex flowers… with pink Kleenex no less lol… to use as decorations on the cars lol. I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw coloured Kleenex!

To make the flowers I cut the tissue paper into squares, about 18 inches each. I used the full package of 20 sheets for each flower.

I fan folded the tissue paper, using about 1 inch folds and tied the centre of the folded tissue paper with twine.

Then I started separating the sheets of tissue on each side of the twine, fluffing it up as I went.

Once all the tissue paper was separated and fluffed, I held onto them by the twine and gave them a good shake to further fluff them.

To assemble them, I started by hot gluing the painted Styrofoam rings to the bottom of the flowers.

I used toothpicks to attach the “ears” to the “head” of the Minnie Mouse heads.

I hot glued them to the center of the tissue paper flowers, on top of where the knot is, added some nice polka dot ribbon bows to the tops and my dollar store centerpieces were done and ready for the party!

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