First Birthday – Minnie Mouse Cutlery Holder Mason Jars

I saw so many different options on Pinterest for displaying/setting out the cutlery for my granddaughter’s first birthday. This sort of idea was one of my favourites so that is what I made!


I started out with some paint, painter’s tape and 3 mason jars… one for spoons, one for forks and one for knives.

You can see in the picture above that I taped off the jars so I could use 2 different colours on them.

I painted the bottom halves pink and the tops black.

I was tired and admittedly lazy to go down to the craft room to get my paint dabbers, so I used Q-tips and white paint to put polka dots on the pink half.

I gave the jars a quick coat of sealer before proceeding to the next step.

I used tulle to make some bows and used my dreaded glue gun to attach it to the rims of the jars.

I cut out some small Minnie Mouse head shapes, wrote which piece of cutlery each jar would hold, made an attempt at using the Disney font and glued them to the front of the jars over top of the tulle bows.

And that’s it… some cute Minnie Mouse themed Mason Jars to hold the cutlery for the birthday party and for Kim to use in the nursery if she wants after!

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