First Birthday – Beverage/Punch Dispenser Decorating

I wanted my beverage dispenser, that we used for some Pink punch for the birthday party, to be just as “pretty” as the rest of the decorations for the party, with tulle and ribbon and of course a Minnie Mouse theme.

I have to admit that this one of the fastest crafts I did for the party but it ended up being really cute and I am going to reuse the tulle skirt I made for it to make a Nerd onesie and tutu for my granddaughter for Comic Book Day lol!


I started off with the tulle, some ribbon, a piece of 1/2 inch elastic and some Bristol board to make the head shape.

I cut the rolls of tulle into about 12 inch long strips. I think I cut 16 of each colour.

I tied the tulle strips to the elastic, alternating colours, hand sewed the elastic together when it was done and then all I had to do was tie the polka dot ribbon on, paint the word “Punch” onto the Bristol Board Minnie Mouse head and tape it to the front of the punch dispenser and it was all done!

With some Minnie Mouse paper cups, it was cute as can be!

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