Day # 6 – Playing with my Sewing Machine

Because the 2 things I am posting about were also Easter gifts I thought I would post them together and right after my other Easter embroidery project.

I have become almost as addicted to looking at new machine embroidery patterns as I have become at sewing the patterns. The two I did this time… again for my granddaughter… were so cute I had to incorporate them into her Easter/Birthday gifts.

Let me start by saying that my granddaughter LOVES books… almost any book! I have loved reading since I was little, and desperate enough at times for something to read that I would read the encyclopedias lol, hopefully with us all supplying her with reading material she won’t get that desperate lol! One of her favourite books, series of books, are the Llama Llama books so when I saw a pattern for a really cute llama head I had to do it! I put the llama pattern on another onesie and I also found a pattern for a “My First Easter” bib that I also did!


I started off with a bib from a multi pack I bought from Amazon and a cute little onesie I bought from the big dollar store near us!

The bib was just a matter of hooping it, adjusting tension as I went and switching up the colours of the thread when need be. It is so cool to be able to be able to transfer patterns from my laptop to my sewing machine. I sure would never had thought that even possible when I first started to sew more than 30+ (damn… I am old!!!).

Again here is a picture of the completed bib!

For some reason this onesie was harder to hoop and keep the excess fabric out of the way of the needle while it was being sewn. I don’t know if it was just a different fabric or what but it did require constant monitoring.

Here is a picture, mid pattern, to show how much of the fabric was having to be held from being hit with the needle and messing up the pattern/onesie.

Here is the pattern once it was finished being embroidered…. before clipping all the threads…

And finally the completed onesie!

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